~Fine Japanese traditional samurai suit of armour~


A fine rusted lacquered nimai-do (two plates cuirasse) with rivets gusoku armour. 

 A iron rusted lacquered iron eight plate with small rivets kabuto. The shikoro (back neck protection) of 4 lames of rusted lacquered iron ita kozane (simple plate). 
 The headboard is in the form of a crane with clouds. The mask is rust lacquered iron with the throat guard of 4 lames of rusted lacquered iron . 

 The cuirasse is two rust lacquered iron plates with big rivets of the breast and the back. The kusazuri (tassets) divided into six parts, each of five black lacquered iron plates. The sode (shoulder guards) of 6 black lacquered iron plates, the gantlets are cotton cloth with black lacquered chain cloth. 

The haidate (thigh protector) is cotton cloth with many small black lacquered iron plates. The suneate (shin guards) are cotton cloth with six black lacquered iron plates. 
Black lacquered wooden armour boxes and stand for display..
【Armor name】 A Bluck Okegawa Two Plate Cuirasse Armour (Nimaido Gusoku)
The helmet has a twelve plate suji kabuto, the peak (mabisashi) and turn backs (fukikaeshi). The neck protection (shikoro ) has five plates of black lacquered iron itazane.
The headboard is in the form of an crescent moon made of brass.
The mask has a black lacquered iron with  nose and mouth, the throat protection of five plates of black lacquered iron itazane with navy strings. 
The cuirasse of eight lames of honkozane (real scales) forming the breast plate and nine lames of honkozane as the back plate. The erimawashi (collar) of yellow rasha (wool fabric), the watagami (shoulder straps) secured to the breast plate with large ivory toggles and protected by black lacquered gyoyo (cord protector) carrying the same heraldry as the helmet. 
The sode (shoulder guards) of seven lames of black lacquered iron kiritsuke kozane, the sleeves of hyotan gote (gourd like) form. The kawara haidate (thigh protection of roof tile style) with overlapping lacquered leather plates. 
The kusazuri (skirt) divided into seven parts, each of five lames, the front section carries a hanagami bukuro (pouch) on the reverse to hold money and medicine.

The suneate (shin guards) in shino style (strips of lacquered iron connected with chain mail). 
Contained in a pair of lacquered paulownia armour boxes.