~Fine Japanese traditional samurai suit of armour~


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その他 -OTHER-其他-

ペーパーナイフ Paper knife 纸刀 

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刀 -SWORD-剑-

近藤 勇 モデル/KONDO ISAMI 黒石目/Kuroishime 黒田官兵衛(織田信長拝領)モデル/Kuroda ...

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鎧 -ARMOUR-盔甲-

No.36 A fine rusted lacquered nimai-do (two plates cuirasse)...

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Our Greeting for Customers

We are supplying the Japanese traditional samurai suit of armor "KATCHU" and those related products.

Katchu as arts and crafts today is used not only in the movies or dramas but also for various ways such as advertisements and festivals. It is also displayed in hotels, restaurants or houses, and what’s more, it is chosen as man’s outfit for wedding.
We rarely have an opportunity to see Katchu in our daily life, however, the power and impact of Katchu is beyond imagination.
Enjoy it !!