~Fine Japanese traditional samurai suit of armour~

近藤 勇モデル/Isao Kondo

It is the motif of the love sword "Toratoru" of Isamu Kondo, the director of shinsengumi bureau and the absolute leader, and sticks to the design of the sheath, the flange, and the blade crest.
以"托鲁托鲁"为主题,是新津集团主任和绝对领袖Kondo Yu的"Toru Toru",他坚持设计盔甲、盔甲和刀片图案。

In the sheath of the kuroishi eye tone, feel the dignity and pure Japanese style of clothing, it is a gem reminiscent of Isamu Kondo at that time.
这是一个宝石,让人想起当时的Kondo Yu,感觉纯日本风格的服装和尊严。

Cutlery craftsmen in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, where they are cutting each blade, can be cut comfortably, such as envelopes.

If you decorate the hanging table, you can take out quickly and use it without looking for a paper knife when you want to use it.

Because it fits in the sheath, the blade body does not become peeled off, and it can be stored safely.
刃部:ステンレス刃物鋼    Blade: Stainless steel    刀片部分:不锈钢刀片钢
ハンドル:A.B.S+エラストマー    Handle: A.B.S+ Elastomer    手柄:A.B.S+弹性体
鞘、掛け台:A.B.S    Sheath, hanging stand: A.B.S    底座:A.B.S
沖田 総司 Soshi Okita /  斎藤 一 Hajime Saito