~Fine Japanese traditional samurai suit of armour~


We are supplying “Katchu (armour)” Samurai’s costumes to the world.
Decorating a home, office, hotel lobby or restaurant with artistic armor can create a refined atmosphere.
We deal not only in armor but also “Japanese swords (replicas)”, which represent Samurai spirit. 
Our products vary from life-size to smaller ones for areas of limited space.
All our products are entirely hand made in Japan by Japanese craftsmen. Please touch and feel the high quality of Japanese traditional craft for yourself.
If you feel like “I don’t know where I can buy armor or swords”, “My friend showed me his armor and Japanese sword and I’d like to have one for myself”, “When I went to Japan, I saw very cool armor and Japanese swords. I love to buy some”, “Now I regret that I should have bought some armor or a Japanese sword when I visited Japan”. Here is the right place to resolve all the problems you have.
Please check on our website, and feel free to contact us by email for further information about products you are interested in.
International shipping is available. (There are exceptions.)
The day of armor in Japan
On May 5th, households with a son display a suit of armor or a samurai helmet at home, wishing for the boy to grow to be strong and healthy. The day is called “Tango no Sekku” meaning the Boy’s Festival.
Armor has been made to protect one’s body. Originally Samurai households celebrated the birth of boys by decorating their house with a suit of armor. Armor is considered to be a charm to protect the boy from misfortune that might befall him in the future.
In addition, on celebrating one’s sixtieth birthday, armor is presented to the person to wish for his health and long life.
—armor workshop tour—
If you want to watch how armor is created, to see it directly before making a purchase, or to try armor on, you can join a workshop tour. You can observe how armor is manufactured there. There is a pick-up service at Kagoshima Airport or Sendai station. Please make a reservation one week before your visit.
[required time to the workshop]
・about 80 minutes from Kagoshima Airport
・about 20 minutes from Sendai station